Las Vegas Strip

Travel around the world : The most charming streets

Travel – Experiencing this beautiful planet, is hundreds of thousands the streets of poetic, modern and very beautiful. But most notably, is the following streets, i think you should go at least once.

1. Travel to Champs Elysees, Paris, France

Champs Elysees - Paris

Champs Elysees – Paris

Not exaggeration to say that this is the most beautiful street in the world, is the path represents the perfect beauty of Paris. This is one of the famous travel destination, attracting many visitors from all over the world. With many shops, cafes and luxury hotels. it’s regrettable, if you don’t visit this street when travel to Paris.

2. Travel to La Rambla, Barcelona, Spain

La Rambla - Barcelona

La Rambla – Barcelona

When it comes to the most beautiful travel attractions, the most famous, perhaps can not ignore La Rambla, one of the beautiful streets and most notably Spain. It connects Place de Catalunya Square with the Christopher Columbus monument and is like an endless party. It is famous for the shimmering beauty, magical at night, with cafes, bars, restaurants and street art.

3. Travel to Las Vegas Strip, Nevada, US

Las Vegas Strip

Las Vegas Strip

The modernization of the lighting project made the highlight for this city with numerous strip color from light, emitted from the restaurant, hotel, and casino, creates a fascinating beauty . The most interesting thing when travel to here, presumably to seek fortune in the casino, and to satisfy the pleasures of shopping and rest.

4. Travel to Nanjing Street, Shanghai, China

Nanjing Street - Shanghai

Nanjing Street – Shanghai

With a length of up to 6km, many shops selling everything from antiques to food, this is the longest shopping street in the world, with high potential for growth not only in China, but also the Asia. If you have the opportunity to travel to China, should definitely come here to experience and satisfy your shopping needs.

5. Travel to Via Dolorosa, Jerusalem

Via Dolorosa, Jerusalem

Via Dolorosa, Jerusalem

Was named is “miserable street”, where Princess Jesu went through to get to where he was crucified on the cross. At here is a location to travel very famous by the respect of people with Jesu Lord , learn religion and the sacredness of the Via Dolorosa, not looking for the noisy, crowded the streets.

6. Travel to Nevsky Prospekt, St Peterburg, Russia

Nevsky Prospekt, St Peterburg

Nevsky Prospekt, St Peterburg

This is the road built by Peter King, is the famous travel destination, attracting many tourists in the world, as a perfect embodiment for the country Russia. It focuses the church, the palace, the architecture for the Tsar, this avenue is an important landmark in Russian history and culture.

7. Travel to Broadwat, New York, US

Broadwat, New York

Broadwat, New York

To trip your travel to New York truly perfect, you should go to Broadwat, the most beautiful street in New York with many large projects like skyscrapers Woolworth, Grand Central Hotel, Trinity church. More particularly, at here known as the area Theatre the most important of US.

8. Travel to Via Appia, Rome, Italy

Via Appia - Rome

Via Appia – Rome

Via Appia perhaps is street many years old, exist from the ancient Roman era and famous to date. This path is mostly in ruins, ruins, only partially for traffic, but thanks to a great history, with ancient architecture, this place has attracted a lot of daily travelers guest.

9. Travel to Paseo de la Reforma, Mexico city, Mexico

Paseo de la Reforma - Mexico city

Paseo de la Reforma – Mexico city

This is a very famous road in the world for its beauty, with design style European boulevard. when travel come here, tourists will be visiting the big works, stature, like the National Palace, angel liberty statue and many other works, honors the hero of Mexico.

10. Travel to Piccadilly Circus, London, the United Kingdom

Piccadilly Circus - London

The streets intersect was create interesting highlights for this road. Traveling to this, visitors will be participating in the nightclubs, visiting monuments and theaters are renowned worldwide. More particularly, a very interesting feeling for tourists, is up double-decker bus to visit this road.