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Las Vegas Strip

Travel around the world : The most charming streets

Travel – Experiencing this beautiful planet, is hundreds of thousands the streets of poetic, modern and very beautiful. But most notably, is the following streets, i think you should go at least once.

1. Travel to Champs Elysees, Paris, France

Champs Elysees - Paris

Champs Elysees – Paris

Not exaggeration to say that this is the most beautiful street in the world, is the path represents the perfect beauty of Paris. This is one of the famous travel destination, attracting many visitors from all over the world. With many shops, cafes and luxury hotels. it’s regrettable, if you don’t visit this street when travel to Paris.

2. Travel to La Rambla, Barcelona, Spain

La Rambla - Barcelona

La Rambla – Barcelona

When it comes to the most beautiful travel attractions, the most famous, perhaps can not ignore La Rambla, one of the beautiful streets and most notably Spain. It connects Place de Catalunya Square with the Christopher Columbus monument and is like an endless party. It is famous for the shimmering beauty, magical at night, with cafes, bars, restaurants and street art.

3. Travel to Las Vegas Strip, Nevada, US

Las Vegas Strip

Las Vegas Strip

The modernization of the lighting project made the highlight for this city with numerous strip color from light, emitted from the restaurant, hotel, and casino, creates a fascinating beauty . The most interesting thing when travel to here, presumably to seek fortune in the casino, and to satisfy the pleasures of shopping and rest.

4. Travel to Nanjing Street, Shanghai, China

Nanjing Street - Shanghai

Nanjing Street – Shanghai

With a length of up to 6km, many shops selling everything from antiques to food, this is the longest shopping street in the world, with high potential for growth not only in China, but also the Asia. If you have the opportunity to travel to China, should definitely come here to experience and satisfy your shopping needs.

5. Travel to Via Dolorosa, Jerusalem

Via Dolorosa, Jerusalem

Via Dolorosa, Jerusalem

Was named is “miserable street”, where Princess Jesu went through to get to where he was crucified on the cross. At here is a location to travel very famous by the respect of people with Jesu Lord , learn religion and the sacredness of the Via Dolorosa, not looking for the noisy, crowded the streets.

6. Travel to Nevsky Prospekt, St Peterburg, Russia

Nevsky Prospekt, St Peterburg

Nevsky Prospekt, St Peterburg

This is the road built by Peter King, is the famous travel destination, attracting many tourists in the world, as a perfect embodiment for the country Russia. It focuses the church, the palace, the architecture for the Tsar, this avenue is an important landmark in Russian history and culture.

7. Travel to Broadwat, New York, US

Broadwat, New York

Broadwat, New York

To trip your travel to New York truly perfect, you should go to Broadwat, the most beautiful street in New York with many large projects like skyscrapers Woolworth, Grand Central Hotel, Trinity church. More particularly, at here known as the area Theatre the most important of US.

8. Travel to Via Appia, Rome, Italy

Via Appia - Rome

Via Appia – Rome

Via Appia perhaps is street many years old, exist from the ancient Roman era and famous to date. This path is mostly in ruins, ruins, only partially for traffic, but thanks to a great history, with ancient architecture, this place has attracted a lot of daily travelers guest.

9. Travel to Paseo de la Reforma, Mexico city, Mexico

Paseo de la Reforma - Mexico city

Paseo de la Reforma – Mexico city

This is a very famous road in the world for its beauty, with design style European boulevard. when travel come here, tourists will be visiting the big works, stature, like the National Palace, angel liberty statue and many other works, honors the hero of Mexico.

10. Travel to Piccadilly Circus, London, the United Kingdom

Piccadilly Circus - London

The streets intersect was create interesting highlights for this road. Traveling to this, visitors will be participating in the nightclubs, visiting monuments and theaters are renowned worldwide. More particularly, a very interesting feeling for tourists, is up double-decker bus to visit this road.








The Beach

Cat Ba Viet Nam: Small island, big experience

Cat Ba Vietnamese transliteration is “Cát Bà”

For the first time set foot in the small island have name Cat Ba, my first feeling about this place is the friendly, clean air, airy, views beautiful and featured of the sea. And now, please join me in a walk around the island.

Welcome to Cat Ba Viet Nam

Welcom to CatBa Viet Nam

Welcom to CatBa Viet Nam

– Dinh Vu High-speed ship station go to Cat Ba Viet Nam

Dinh Vu High-speed ship station

Dinh Vu High-speed ship station

The starting will go from the port city of Hai Phong, to Dinh Vu High-speed ship station and buy a ticket to depart trip to CatBa Island, so interesting.

In the morning, there will be three trains to choose from, at 3 frames Time: 7h15am, 9am and 10h20am, afternoon at then 2pm, 15:15 and 17:30. The trip 7h15am you choose will be better equipped to find hotels and attractions.

– Sea road to Cat Ba Island

Sea road to Cat Ba Island

Sea road to Cat Ba Island

You easily see the excitement when sit on the ship and watch out, the other high-speed ships are also implementing its trip, waves and wind and clouds above intertwined, a very great scene.

– Road through-Cat Ba island

Road through-Cat Ba island

Road through-Cat Ba island

Road through Cat Ba island is also an interesting way, the length of about 25km with the steep and long, a very interesting experience if you go by motorbike.

End of the road, when you’re close to Cat Ba Island, you will pass through Cat Ba National Park, is a special-use forests of Viet Nam, the world’s biosphere reserve. Cat Ba National Park at CatHai District, Hai Phong, Viet Nam.

CatBa National Park

CatBa National Park

Plant components: with 741 different species, many trees you, 23 species of mangrove plants, 75 species of seaweed, 199 species of phytoplankton.

Animal components: with 282 species, including 32 mammals, 78 birds, 20 reptiles and amphibians, 11 species of amphibians. Especially with the Cat Ba langur (ie head gold langur) is endemic of CatBa island, currently only 66 individuals, only distributed in the coastal mountains. Zooplankton 98 species, 196 species of marine fish, 177 species of coral.

Finish Road through-Cat Ba island, The first thing you need to do now is find a hotel or hostel to rest after long way, bath and rearranging furniture.

hotel in CatBa insland

hotel in CatBa insland

Now, prepare for lunch and rest, sleep very soundly comfortable at the room of hotel or hostel.

To 15h00, after resting comfortably, you should come out with a electric car (10,000VND / trip)  go to Cat Co Beach, Cat Ba-island to play and swim and body drop on the waves, putting your body floats on the sea, a very happy feeling .

CatCo Beach

CatCo Beach

Way down the beach

Way down the beach

The Beach

The Beach



happy moments

happy moments

Romp with the sea

Romp with the sea

Wow!  These moments enjoying clear blue sea really happy, you can end at any time you want, but you should leave before 19:00, freshwater shower, change clothes and return to the hotel. Dinner and walk on the roads here, visit a small market selling souvenirs, baby toys, drink water, eat cream ..vv.. and feel the friendliness of people island.

CatBa welcome gate

CatBa welcome gate

sightseeing boat

Sightseeing boat

Ending late in the day, you walk back to the room to continue to rest and prepare for a trip the next day at Cat Ba Island. because i’m not have much time so I had to pause my trip here to return. There are many other interesting things waiting for you to explore, to wish you a Happy travels in Cat Ba Viet Nam.

road to come back

Road to come back

End: you back at High-speed ship station when you go to Cat Ba island and return to Hai Phong City, ending a very interesting trip.

Merlion statue

Travel Singapore : These works only in Singapore

Statue lion head – fish body, Marina Bay Sands Hotel, the hanging gardens giant trunk …this is the works that visitors can easily recognize when to singapore.


1. Merlion Park, Singapore

Merlion statue located in this park have acreage 2,500 m2, 8.6 m tall and weighs 70 tons. Statue with Lion head – fish body is a featured of Singapore.

This statue is a location favorite photograph of the traveler and is clear evidence that shows you have to Singapore.

Merlion statue - singapore

Merlion statue – singapore

2. Crowne Plaza hotel, Singapore

This hotel was voted one of the top airport hotels in the world, Crowne Plaze is connected to station No. 3 of Changi Airport via a bridge to a Skytrain station and has the No. 1, No. 2.

Outside, the hotel has designed an impressive rectangular, inside like a luxurious resort with swimming pool set amidst a lush green garden. Can see this is one of those hotels have the most unique design Singapore.

Crowne Plaza hotel - Singapore

Crowne Plaza hotel – Singapore

Crowne Plaza hotel

Crowne Plaza hotel

3. Marina Bay Sands hotel, Singapore

Located on Boulevard Bayfront overlooking Marina Bay, this luxury hotel and casino is a destination of international tourists. Marina Bay Sands has the famous chef, the dining options as Waku Ghin  and Guy Savoy. Guests can join in the party all night dance club, or unwind at any of the lounge among 3 lobby at here.

Marina Bay Sands hotel

Marina Bay Sands hotel

Infinity pool located at the top floor is one of the most visited spot in Singapore and is also a location favorite photograph of many people.

Infinity pool

Infinity pool

4. Esplanade theater, Singapore

this is the arts center have acreage 60,000 m2 is located in Marina Bay, near the mouth of the Singapore River.

Esplanade has a concert hall with 1,600 seats and a theater with a capacity of 2,000 people. Many people think of this theater shaped like the durian, a tropical fruit popular in Southeast Asia.

Esplanade theater

Esplanade theater

Esplanade theater - singapore

Esplanade theater – singapore

5. Garden by the Bay, singapore

Park large with more than 1 million m2 is located in the center of Singapore and is one of the featured of this country.

Garden by the Bay

Garden by the Bay

The hanging garden is shaped like giant trees with a height of 25-30 meters very featured in the sky. At night, the hanging gardens is lit up creating stunning scenery.

Garden by the Bay - lit up

Garden by the Bay – lit up

6. Helix bridge, Singapore

Bridge 280m long walk is made from stainless steel connecting regional Marina centers with South Marina.

Helix bridge 1

Helix bridge

At night, the bridge is lit mirror into the water to attract more tourists to visit.

Helix bridge

Helix bridge

The end. Thank you and good bye !

Mandarin Oriental Bangkok

Thailand hotel : top 8 the most-class hotels

You had planned to visit Bangkok, Thailand – one of the most dynamic cities in Asia, please refer to the list of hotels to choose the perfect getaway.

1. Mandarin Oriental Bangkok, Thailand

Mandarin Oriental Bangkok

Mandarin Oriental Bangkok, Thailand

Mandarin Oriental Bangkok is one of the leading 5 star hotel in Bangkok, is managed by Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group conglomerate. Situated on the banks of the Chao Phraya River, the Mandarin Oriental is the first hotel to be built in Thailand when it opened in 1879 and is always in the list of world’s best hotels.

2. Four Seasons Bangkok, Thailand

Four Seasons Bangkok

Four Seasons Bangkok hotel

Four Seasons Bangkok hotel is located in the city center, the hotel is under traditional architectural design of Thailand, with large lobby is decorated with hand-painted silk, the room warm and bright gardens . 5-star luxury hotel is located next to the Chao Phraya River, very convenient to visit the ancient ruins in Bangkok.

Four Seasons Bangkok hotel impress guests by the luxurious room is decorated in a style typical of the art of Thailand, with large space and homely interiors, stylish Southeast Asia.

3. The Siam hotel, Bangkok, Thailand

The Siam hotel

The Siam hotel

One of the best hotels in Bangkok, the hotel offers stunning classic style located on the Chao Phraya River, in the historic Dusit, a favorable location in memory of the peace under King Rama V (1853 -1910), then Bangkok is still a quiet place, clean. Hotels – Suvarnabhumi International Airport is 45 minutes away, in the heart of Siam Square, just 5 minutes away by car can reach Teak Vimanmek Palace Museum and the Royal Palace. The Siam will be the ideal place for visitors to experience the unique culture of Thailand with the most advanced services.

4. Lebua at State Tower, Bangkok

Lebua at State Tower, Bangkok

Lebua at State Tower, Bangkok

Lebua at State Tower is approximately 35 km from Suvarnabhumi Airport, is a luxury hotel located in the State Tower skyscraper, on Silom Road, Bang Rak district, Bangkok, Thailand. The hotel consists of 357 spacious rooms and luxury, guests will rest in a space the most advanced facilities, enjoy stunning views of Bangkok and the Chao Phraya River.

In addition, the hotel also has an outdoor pool, where you can experience a relaxing massage methods and steam. Sirocco restaurant is where you can enjoy Mediterranean cuisine in an extremely spectacular space.

5. W Hotel Bangkok, Thailand

W Hotel Bangkok

The hotel lies 22.9 km from Don Muang airport, Suvarnabhumi International Airport 24.3 Km and just a 3 minute walk from Chong Nonsi Skytrain Station. W Bangkok Hotel is a luxury hotel with modern amenities, including Wi Fi in public areas. The hotel’s location is also very suitable for tourists traveling by car in just 15 minutes you can reach Siam Paragon Shopping Centre, Temple of the Emerald Buddha and the Grand Palace.

The room is decorated with black tones – purple modern style, equipped with full amenities. In particular, the hotel also has a spa area with massage therapy methods rejuvenate and relax. Along with other useful services offered Banquet 24/24.

6. Mode Sathorn hotel, Thailand

Mode Sathorn hotel

Mode Sathorn hotel

The hotel is located opposite the Surasak BTS Skytrain station, about 45-minute drive from Suvarnabhumi Airport. The hotel feature 201 rooms and suites, each room with a different design styles, with modern furnishings. All rooms have satellite TV flat screen, minibar and other modern amenities.

The hotel offers a business center and concierge service at the front desk 24/24 can assist with currency exchange and luggage storage, visitors can also buy the tours here.

7. Galleria 10 Hotel Bangkok, Thailand

Galleria 10 Hotel Bangkok

Galleria 10 Hotel Bangkok

The hotel formerly known as Ramada Encore, now being renamed Galleria 10, has a total of 188 rooms with modern furnishings with chrome and glass. The hotel is very consistent with the objects visitors who do business with the utility services such as high-speed Internet access is included in the room rate, 40-inch LCD TV with satellite channels, parks work area is well equipped …

8. Regis Bangkok hotel, Thailand

Regis Bangkok hotel

Regis Bangkok hotel is located on Rajdamri Road, only 500 m to luxury shopping center Gaysorn Plaza, Siam Paragon and Central World from Plaza is 1km from the airport and 35 minutes drive from Suvarnabhumi. The hotel has a total of 227 rooms, using warm colors and elegant, each spacious room is decorated with stylish patterned carpets and artwork Thailand.
Guests can enjoy international cuisine at the Viu restaurant, and Italian cuisine at JoJo. If you are a tea lover, do not miss the hours of afternoon tea at The Drawing Room, or maybe a glass of wine vintage at The St Regis Bar or Pool Bar. In addition, the hotel serves a full needs of travelers for 24 hours with utility services such as outdoor pool, gym, and a business center services and a concierge staff.

The Oberoi Rajvilas

Hotel : Top 10 the best in Asia

Asia – Travel Destination impressive, is offering many different cultures of each country. Coming to Asia, you will have the exciting trip, and you will have no reason not to choose a top hotel, luxury to enjoy your life.
Come with 10 Highly rated hotels in Asia, now!

10 Oberoi Rajvilas hotel – Jaipur, India

The Oberoi Rajvilas

The Oberoi Rajvilas hotel

Coming to Oberoi Rajvilas hotel, guests will enjoy royal life in the days saved 5 star hotels most expensive of India and world. Palace architecture, guests will eyestrain admire frescoes engraved on walls, ceilings here.

9. Mandarin Oriental hotel, Bangkok, Thailand

Mandarin Oriental hotel - Bangkok

Mandarin Oriental hotel – Bangkok, Thailand

Mandarin Oriental Bangkok is one of the leading 5 star hotel in Bangkok, is managed by Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group conglomerate. Situated on the banks of the Chao Phraya River, the Mandarin Oriental is the first hotel to be built in Thailand when it opened in 1879 and is always in the list of world’s best hotels.

8. Taj Lake Palace, India

Taj Lake Palace

Taj Lake Palace

As a shimmering masterpiece in the middle of Lake Pichola, Taj Lake Palace is one of the most famous hotels of India. It is a summer palace for many progeny of Jagat Singh, until 1960 the palace was converted into a luxury hotel. Today, the Lake Palace is a 83 room hotel, located on 16,000 m2 area. Each room is decorated with intricate patterns carved on wood and silk big picture.

7. Fusion Maia Resort – Da Nang, Viet Nam

Fusion Maia Resort

Fusion Maia Resort, Da Nang, Viet Nam

Fusion Maia Resort is a unique resort villa provides maximum relaxation space. With a simple design, service and unexpected ideas standard spa, Fusion Maia Da Nang is the brainchild of the desire to bring the harmony of a healthy life and most luxurious traveler. Coming to Fusion Maia and feel truly unprecedented.

6. Komaneka at Bisma hotel – Ubud, Bali Indonesia

Komanaka at Bisma hotel

Komanaka at Bisma hotel

Located in Ubud, Komaneka at Bisma Hotel is known as one of the most luxurious resort Bali. The resort has a fitness center, outdoor pool and babysitting services. The luxurious rooms are equipped with flat-screen TV with satellite TV, air conditioning, safe deposit boxes, refrigerators and mini bars.

5. The Ritz-Carlton Beijing Financial Street, Beijing, China

The Ritz-Carlton Beijing Financial Street

The Ritz-Carlton Beijing Financial Street

The Ritz-Carlton Beijing Financial Street have a therapy full-service spa, an indoor pool and a spa tub. Guests can access high speed internet wired and wireless in public areas. The service, amenities available job demand, the conference at this 5-star property include a business center, room service and limo / shuttle meeting luxurious. This luxury hotel offers a restaurant, a bar / lounge area and restaurant / fast food shop. Services, Other facilities at the hotel Art Deco architectural styles include spa services, a fitness center and 24-hour sauna.

4. The Upper House, Hong Kong, China

The Upper House hotel

The Upper House hotel, Hong Kong, China

The Upper House is one of the most luxurious hotels in Hong Kong, is the resting place of many famous people to Hong Kong. Located in a central location in Hong Kong, The Upper House is located right on top of Pacific Place – a shopping center of the city, the Hong Kong International Airport and only 40 minutes drive from the Star Streets city 10 minute walk.

3. Sofitel Legend Metropole hotel, Ha Noi, Viet Nam

Sofitel Legend Metropole hotel

Sofitel Legend Metropole hotel

Sofitel Legend Metropole hotel, Ha Noi was built in 1901 with the building of French colonial style, located in the heart of Ha noi. This hotel has 364 rooms and suites, French cuisine, Italian restaurant. Besides, the hotel also has 7 function rooms, swimming pool, fitness room and a brand new Le Spa du Metropole are also available in hotel.

2. Wildflower Hall Hotel – Shimla in the Himalayas, India

Wildflower Hall - Shimla

Wildflower Hall – Shimla

Situated in the Himalayas, near Simla city, with beautiful scenery that visitors feel like entering the magical world of fairy tales. Here visitors can stroll in the woods around the hotel, or sit poolside outdoor sightseeing snow mountain.

1. La Residence Phou Vao hotel – Luang Prabang, Laos

La Residence Phou Vao hotel

La Residence Phou Vao hotel

La Residence Phou Vao is a famous hotel in Luang Prabang, we can say this is a typical hotel for the soul of this country. La Résidence opened for visitors from longer than any other hotel in the city, although Laos was virtually closed to the outside world. Therefore, it is nicknamed “Friendly Hotel“. With unique wooden items made from teak, hand-woven silk walls, outdoor bar and an outdoor pool overlooking the mountain Phou Si, really very attractive to tourists. This location is where the ancient kings to fly kites.



Travel Thailand: Ha Noi – Bangkok-Pattaya-Ha noi

Travel to ThaiLand, Guests will have the opportunity to admire everything from the bustling city of Bangkok to the beautiful beaches in Phuket, a beautiful island located south of Thailand , or Pattaya – famous tourist landmarks and familiar belonging to tourists traveling in Thailand. Thai cuisine is also very special, brings great experience to the guests. Thai food spices concentrate , especially never lack the kind of chili.



Day 1: Travel Ha Noi  – BangKok – Trai Ho – Pattaya (Dinner)

08h20: Car and guide pick you up at the rendezvous, departing from Noi Bai international airport, flight procedures BL667 (11h10 – 13h00). Suvanabhumi Thailand airport, crew procedures for entry and shuttle tour guide group, bringing you visit the  Tiger Zoo (Trai Ho)  watch performances such as circus tiger, circus elephant, circus pig … Then go to hotel Pattaya get rest.

The evening: Dinner at the restaurant in the Pattaya city.

Overnight in Pattaya 4 * hotel. (You can subscribe to see the unique repertoire – Sex Show – expenses excluded).



Tiger Zoo

Tiger Zoo

Day 2: Travel Pattaya – Coran island – Gold and silver center – Vineyard – Buddha mountain – Wax museum – Show Acaza (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

Pattaya City

Pattaya City

The morning: Breakfast at the hotel. Afterwards bus transfer to Coral Island. You you sit on Expressway train to visit Coral Island . Guests can participate in games such as: parachuting, fishing, windsurfing, driving Scooter sea, undersea explorers … (expenses excluded). Guest freedom Pattaya beach with clear blue water, white sand smooth long. Back mainland lunch at the restaurant.

Coral Island

Coral Island

The afternoon: Vehicles and guides groups visiting the Center crafted Gold – Silver – Gemstone famous and largest of ThailandWorld Gems Gallery – the venue of the session traded gemstones certified ISO 9002 for quality management, which showcases the famous beautiful gemstones, provides helpful information about the process of mining, processing gemstones in Thailand and around the world. Continue travel to Khao Chechan (Golden Buddha Mountain): with large gold Buddha image carved on the cliff by the laser.

Guests are free to visit and take pictures with the Golden Buddha. Then sightseeing bus tour Vineyards Silver Lake, a vast vineyards with lots of flowers, including giant gourd garden, giant pumpkin, this garden was a gift from a royal gift for Valentine themselves. Outside there is a large shop selling products made from grapes, grape juice, grape candy, grape jam … you are free to buy gifts for donations friends and family. Continue to program the car to go sightseeing wat yan Wax Museum.

The evening: Bus tour dinner at a restaurant then tour to enjoy the Show Acazar or Show Colloseum only in Thailand – Program for professional art, modern, colored by many countries due to the cast transgender performers. The Hotel and lodging are free to explore the city at night.

Overnight in Pattaya 4 * hotel.

World Gems Collection

World Gems Collection

Day 3: Travel Pattaya – Saithip Park – Safari World – Research Center viper – Leather Goods Store – Bangkok (Breakfast /Lunch /Dinner)

The morning: After breakfast at the hotel and return the room. Bus tour of Bangkok. On the way visit Saithip Park – which showcases the 3 regions of the Kingdom of Thailand (you can enjoy free shopping specialty types such as canned nest is taken from the blood of the bird nest very complementary and benefits for the body, Honey natural, high tiger bone, …)

Then the bus tour to visit the Safari World zoo pit. – Visitors can admire more than 1000 species of wildlife and rare in the world is a freedom, watch outdoor performances, watching Westerns, dolphins.

The noon: Buffet lunch at the zoo.

The afternoon: Bus tour to visit research centers Snakes you to enjoy the repertoire catching poisonous snakes with his bare hands, then you hear the pharmacist introduction to pharmaceutical specialties prepared from poisonous snakes. Famous Leather Goods Store of Thailand (Leather Factory Outlets. Car to go shopping in the large commercial centers: Big C, Central World, Platinum, … Dinner at restaurant.

Overnight at the hotel 4 * Bangkok – Thailand

Safari World

Safari World

Central World

Central World

DAY 4: Travel BangKok – The Royal Palace – Thuyen Pagoda (Breakfast/ Lunch / Dinner )

The morning: Breakfast at the hotel.  continue to visit Vimanmek palace: a unique architectural ensemble famous kingdom of Thailand, or you visit the marble palace of King Rama 5 period ..  travel Thuyen Pagoda – one of the most sacred temples in Buddhist kingdom with mysterious stories on sanctions, then look visit shopping at Big C.

The noon: Lunch and shopping freedom at supermaket.

The evening: Dinner at the restaurant. Overnight in 3 * hotel in Bangkok.

The Royal Palace

Thuyen Pagoda

Thuyen Pagoda

DAY 05: Travel BangKok – Golden Buddha Pagoda – Hanoi (Breakfast)

Breakfast at hotel, return the room. Then travel to the Golden Buddha Pagoda of the Golden Buddha statue largest in world at Thailand. Take your car to the pier aboard a yacht on the Chaophraya river – mother of river of the country Thailand. Then you continue shopping until the airport hours flight procedures BL668 (13h40 – 15h30) to Hanoi.

15h30: Arrive at Noi Bai airport, bus tour pickup point early on, farewell and see you again on the new route!

Ngu Hanh Son

About travel Da Nang – Journey heritage

Travel Da Nang – Journey heritage, visitors will discover and learn the famous heritage destination, the beautiful landscapes of central Vietnam as Ba Na Hills resort, Linh Ung Pagoda, Ngu Hanh Son, world natural heritage Phong Nha Ke Bang world …

Ngu Hanh Son

DAY 1: welcome guest – Travel to Son Tra PeninsulaBa Na Hills (Lunch, dinner)

The morning: Car and guide pick you up at the station / airport Da Nang

The noon: Lunch. Departing travel Bana hills (expenses excluded 500.000VND / guests). Conquering the cable car to reach the world record 4, enjoy the wonderful climate of four seasons in one day Visit Linh Ung Pagoda, Sakyamuni 27m high pedestal. Join the game in amusement parks FANTASY PARK. Depart for Da Nang.

The afternoon: depart travel Son Tra Peninsula. contemplate Da Nang panorama from above. Linh Ung Pagoda, 67m high Buddha statue.

The evening: Dinner, Bus transfer to the pier.

20h30: You train,  a panoramic view of Da Nang City on the night brilliantly bridges the Han river reflected , see fire-breathing Dragon Bridge at 7th 21h, Sunday. Overnight free.

Son Tra Peninsula

Day 2: Travel Ngu Hanh Son – Hoi An (Breakfast, lunch, dinner)

Hoi An

The morning: Breakfast at hotel, travel the Ngu Hanh Son, conquer tops Thuy Son, visit Tam Thai Pagoda, Huyen Khong cave, visiting Non Nuoc stone carving village.

The noon: Lunch at restaurant, back to the hotel to rest.

The afternoon: Travel Hoi An old Town, old house, Cau pagoda, Trung Hoa assembly halls

The evening: Dinner, overnight at hottel in Da Nang.

Trung Hoa assembly halls

Day 3: Travel Da Nang – Hai Van – Lang Co Hue (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

The morning: Breakfast, return the room. Depart for Hue, mass admire the majestic beauty of Hai Van Pass was named (most important heroes galaxy), stop at 4 star hotel.

The noon: Lunch at restaurant, receive room, visit Ngo Mon Quan, Thai Hoa Palace, Tu Cam Thanh, The Mieu, Hien Lam Cac, (Cuu Dinh) and ancient Thien Mu Pagoda, built in the early XVII century.

The afternoon: Visit Dai Noi, photographed at the top of the pass.

The evening: Dinner. Freedom to enjoy Ca Hue Huong River.

Ngo Mon Quan

Day 4: Travel Phong Nha cave, Hue city (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

The morning: Breakfast at the hotel, Departure traveling National Park Phong Nha – Ke Bang: World Natural Heritage. Travel to La Vang shrine.

The noon: Lunch at the Phong Nha Quan restaurant.

Sitting on the boat, reverse Son river, your eyes gaze at the majestic beauty of the mountains and forests Truong Son with charming natural mountain river, visit the Tien Cave, Hoang Gia cave … see masterpieces by stalactite form, that nature has bestowed favors.

The evening: Depart for Hue, dinner, freedom go for a walk Hue.

Phong Nha Ke Bang

Day 5: Travel Hue – off guests (Breakfast, Lunch)

Hue city

The morning: Breakfast at the hotel. Visiting Khai Dinh tomb with a monumental work, diverse styles unique combination between the architecture of the Orient and the West and specialty shopping at Dong Ba market.

The noon: Lunch at the restaurant.

The afternoon: Off guests. Greeting to guests. travel stop here.

Phong Nha

Travel Da Nang, Hue, Phong Nha, Viet nam

Join the program of our tour, you will enjoy the gourmet cuisine of Central Vietnam, explore the spectacular stalactite caves – masterpieces of nature, experience the space of a commercial landscape stock lively port to better understand habits, village of Hoi An people that day and now. Also, guests also visit the tombs of Hue system to feel peaceful setting, dreaming of the old capital.

Phong Nha

Day 1: Da Nang, Co Do Hue (Luncher, Dinner).

The morning: Car and tour guide company welcome you at the rendezvous before 8:00.

Depart for Hue – The World Cultural Heritage . Bus tour through Hai Van tunnel – admire works the longest road tunnel in Southeast Asia, to stop taking pictures at Lang Co fishing village and learn about the products from pearl on display here.

To Hue , get rest.

Hai Van Tunnel

The noon: Lunch at restaurant

The afternoon: Visit Tomb of Khai Dinh – works with many different schools of architecture, combining East – Western Europe – Asia, unique compared to traditional architectures Vietnam / or Tu Duc. Continue to visit Tu Hieu pagoda – unique temples with integrated signaling mother touching hearts.

The evening: Dinner at restaurant with Hue specialty . up boat at Ben Toa Kham enjoy Hue folk on the Perfume River Dragon Boat and drop flower buds blessing . ( Customer self cost , registration with tour guide 100,000vnđ / person ) . Freedom to explore Hue on the night .

Overnight in Hue.

Tomb of Khai Dinh

Huong River


Day 2: Hue – La Vang – Phong Nha or Hue paradise (lunch, dinner)

The morning: Breakfast. Departure to Quang Binh. when crossed the 17th parallel Hien Luong Bridge – Ben Hai River, you sit in the car listening HDV overs temporary demarcation line separating two South – North for 20 years from 1954 to 1973. Stop visit : Sanctuary of La Vang.

The noon: Lunch at restaurant.

Hien Luong bridge Sanctuary of La Vang.

– Option 1: Phong Nha Cave: Guests on the boat, Son river opposite Phong Nha cave conquer – World Natural Heritage by UNESCO, to admire the beautiful stalactite, diversified forms, are created by nature over thousands Millennium. Explore Bi Ky cave, Co Tien and Cung Dinh.

Bi Ky Cave

– Option 2: Thien Duong cave: (surcharge 150.000vnđ/person)

Golf car sitting in Thien Duong cave, explore the mysterious beauty of Asia’s longest dry up, the natural wonders of the world with beautiful gift of creation. Guests will have the opportunity to experience each place tones of Elysium, Heaven .

After exploring the magnificent stalactite cave, you depart the bus to Hue along the Truong Son – Ho Chi Minh Huyen Thoai.

The evening: Dinner at restaurant and hotel stay in Hue. Freedom to explore Hue on the night with brilliant shine Truong Tien bridge down stream of the Huong River, Hue roam night markets and shopping for souvenirs.

Thien Duong cave

Day 3:  Visit imperial city of Hue – off guests (Breakfast, Lunch)

The morning: Breakfast. Visit the Citadel (palace Nguyen Dynasty of 13 kings) and Thien Mu pagoda ancient, building from the early XVII century.  Then the car to go shopping for a gift Hue specialties.

imperial city of Hue

The noon: Lunch at Hue. Guests off the station/airport of Hue  (from 14h) and continued off the remaining group of Danang (from 17h freedom to flight times). Guides visitors goodbye, ending interesting tours here.


Da Nang city

Sightseeing and travel Da Nang, Viet Nam

About Tour Da Nang – Son Tra – Hoi An – Cu Lao Cham – Ba Na.

Arrive Da nang , visitors will be immersed myself in the cool waters of the sea in the hot summer days , is engaged in the maritime sports games , … sightseeing Danang from which comes to the sights tourism famous ancient town of Hoi An lanterns , Bana four seasons : spring, summer , autumn and winter , Linh Ung pagoda , visit the Marble Mountains , the City expect from Son Tra Peninsula … Besides, tourists also enjoy tasty dishes , specialty flavor central to remember not to forget.

Da Nang City

Da Nang City

DAY 1 : Da Nang – Son Tra Peninsula – My Khe Beach ( Lunch , Dinner )

The noon : Pick up and guide pick you up at the station and the Da Nang airport ( before 12:00 ) take away lunch. Check in hotel and rest.

The after noon : 14:00 Departure to the Son Tra Peninsula ( Monkey Mountain ) – the center of Da Nang city 10km northeast , is the screen shielding the wind storm to Da Nang City . You will visit:

– Linh Ung  Pagoda , admire the Buddha Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva Vietnam 67m high . Enjoy the panoramic views of Danang and photograph.

Linh Ung Pagoda

Linh Ung Pagoda

– 16h00 : guided tour to My Khe beach , Da Nang ( Forbes Magazine as one of the most charming beach planet ).

My Khe Beach

My Khe Beach

-The evening: Dinner restaurant with famous specialty of Da Nang ” pork rice paper skin & 2 beginning Quang noodles ” . After that , you are free to explore Danang City on the night with the famous bridge : fire-breathing Dragon Bridge , Suspension Bridge Thuan Phuoc Bridge, Han River , Business Center , Neighborhood cuisine , Café – Bar – Discotheque , or experience the feeling with the Sun Sun Wheel rotation – the highest turnover Top 10 World … ( Tickets Sun Wheel are excluded) .

Overnight in Da Nang hotel

Dragon Bridge

Dragon Bridge

DAY 2: Ba Na Hills “France Spring” – My Khe Beach (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

The morning : Breakfast

7h30: Departure to resort Ba Na – Nui Chua , where you discover the unexpected moments of seasons : Spring – Summer – Autumn – Winter in 1 day . Sitting longest cable car in the world ( almost 6,000 meters ) , visit Vong Nguyet hill , Linh Ung Pagoda , Thich Ca Phat Dai , the former French barn , garden , meditate and the hollow tip . Continue to sit cable car to the summit Nghinh Phong , Le Nim villa , Floor Vong Nguyet , suspension bridge Bana and conquer peaks at an altitude of 1.487m than Nui Chua to enjoy the sea views and the whole mountain Bana Da Nang and Quang Nam scene above.

Ba Na hills

Ba Na hills


– Continue to participate in new adventure game , funny , attractive , modern in Fantasy Park ( turnover love , SKIVER pilots , train track , windmills , spiders , swivel free fall tower , Cinema 4D , dinosaur Park , Museum of wax … cost games excluded)

12h30: You down the cable . 13:00 Lunch at the center line . About the hotel to rest.

15h30: Pick up your guests by bathing at My Khe beach with fine sand stretches , beautiful clean beaches and clear blue water.

 19h00: Dinner at the restaurant.

You are free to explore Da Nang City on the night: Han river cruise by yacht to admire the famous bridge and city views at night (excluded ), free visits Business Center, Neighborhood cuisine, Café – Bar – Discotheque, …

Overnight in Da Nang.

Han River

Han River


DAY 3 : Diving and view coral in “Cu Lao Cham” – Hoi An Ancient Town (Breakfast , Lunch, Dinner ).

The Morning: Breakfast. Departure on the Hoi An go to Cu Lao Cham.

Stop sightseeing stone carving village of Non Nuoc , free shopping handicraft items by talented artisans create . You sit speedboat at Cua Dai Beach – Hoi An go to Cu Lao Cham , the World Biosphere Reserve consists of cluster of islands off the East Sea 12 nautical miles from Hoi An . Hai Tang Pagoda than 400 years , Europe boat – storm area of fishermen , residential , ancient wells & the ancient shrines.

Cu Lao Cham

Cu Lao Cham

The noon: Seafood lunch at a restaurant on the island.

The afternoon: Continue to visit MPAs in North Beach, Hon Dai and join the diving activities ( Snokelling ) explore coral, fish, fish, snails, nets, swimming, …

14h00: Take your boat back to port , continue to visit Hoi An Ancient Town – Recognized by UNESCO as a world cultural heritage with :

+ Chua Cau Japanese

+Cultural Museum Sa Huynh

+Nha Co hundreds of years old

+Hoi Quan Phuoc Kien and crafts workshop

-Free shopping for souvenir items rich in old town

The evening: Dinner in restaurant , enjoy specialty of Hoi An ( Cao Lau – Chicken Rice ) . Take your car back to Danang along the beach to admire the beautiful city of Danang at night with numerous resorts and high-end resort . Hotel stay in Danang.

Cao Lau

Cao Lau

DAY 4: DA NANG CITY – off guests ( Breakfast, Lunch )

The morning: Breakfast. Visiting Ngu Hanh Son. Continue to visit the stone carving village of Non Nuoc, free shopping handicraft items by talented artisans create.

Continue sightseeing bus tour delicatessen as a gift in the Korean market or supermarket Specialties Central.

The noon: Dinner at restaurant.

The afternoon: off guests to Danang airport ( flights from 14h00 ). Regards. Ending the program Danang Tourism fascinating.